What Is Chiropractic Care?

There are often elaborate explanations of what chiropractors do, which can necessitate a lot of education just to get a basic idea of what a chiropractor is talking about. To keep it simple, chiropractic care is often viewed as care that is provided by a chiropractor. In our office, this means we provide conservative, musculoskeletal care.

The body is a complex system of biomechanical, biochemical, and neurological functions. Regarding chiropractic care, it is perhaps easiest to look at what chiropractors do specifically from a biomechanical perspective. From that simplistic viewpoint, the musculoskeletal system is a system of levers - bones, pulleys and support lines - muscles and fascia, and shock-absorbers - joints. Through use, overuse, and injury we develop joint and fascial restrictions, as well as muscle imbalances and compensations.

In our office, we focus on providing conservative manual therapies for the types of musculoskeletal conditions that can respond to releasing restrictions and retraining appropriate muscular balance. These therapies include joint, muscle, and fascial release therapies, followed by exercise training to stabilize the condition as quickly as possible.

You may have heard of chiropractic offices that talk about a specific chiropractic philosophy which makes chiropractic unique from other medical services. It is our ernest belief that you do not need and will not get a new healthcare philosophy from us. The only philosophy we will try to imbue you with is that of a healthy, active lifestyle so you can do the things you want to do and live a long, happy life. Our philosophy is very simple - the patient comes first.

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