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May 11, 2011


I want to start by stating I can count on one hand the number of times I have recommended a business or doctor for that matter.  I feel so good to be able to write this for someone so worthy of receiving it.


My first encounter with Dr. Neely was so completely different than anything I had previously experienced.  I explained, with much reservation and hesitation, that my past experiences with chiropractors were more or less a complete disaster.  The few times I had gone to chiropractors, I left feeling worse than when I had arrived. Dr. Neely did something that took me by surprise at that moment.  He didn’t try to convince me that his practice would be different, or better, or anything along those lines, but stopped what he was doing, sat down and listened to my concerns, and past experiences.  Dr. Neely didn’t come across as someone just humoring me, but rather as a concerned individual who’s goal was to help me have a better understanding of the mechanics of chiropractic medicine.  When Dr. Neely spoke to me, it was obvious he listened closely and carefully and didn’t try to avoid any questions I had asked or concerns I had.  He so completely and thoroughly explained things that I came to an immediate and unwavering conclusion.  Dr. Neely cared.  Knowing that Dr. Neely cared, I felt that he was also a chiropractor I could finally trust.  (This is the first time I have ever trusted a chiropractor).


I have since had two hernia surgeries and had slight complications with the healing of one.  I had what seemed to be a pinched nerve of sorts. Upon returning to the doctor who performed the surgery and explaining the issues I was dealing with, the conclusion was that everything was healing properly and I just needed to give it time.  I stopped by Dr. Neely for an adjustment, and explained to him this issue I was having.  He showed me on a chart a small muscle that might be causing the problem, if my description was accurate. Through techniques Dr. Neely has mastered, the problem was resolved within a couple days, and I have never had the issue reoccur.  (It’s going on 1 year now).


I have had a fair number of adjustments performed by Dr. Neely.  I sleep better, function better throughout the day, and just feel better all the way around.  And when the need arises to get an adjustment or if muscle pain starts to develop, I feel so confident knowing all I need to do is call. 


I just can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Neely or his practice.  If you happen to be reading this then you have been fortunate enough to cross paths with Dr. Neely.   Now reward yourself and allow him to help you as he has been kind enough to do for me.



Thank you


Jeffrey T

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